Transit Cargo Movement


Spart Freight Logistics Ltd offers cost effective local (within The Democratic Republic of Kenya ) and cross boarder ie out side the Democratic Republic of Kenya cargo transportation either by road or air. We are strategically located at the sea Port of Mombasa  Kenya.

This has been our strength when it comes to the ability to manage cargo right from port of origin to port of  call. We are able to carry out all the logistics necessary for cargo to cleared and delivered to the consignee.Our Major cross boarder destinations includes

  • Uganda
  • D.R.C. (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Rwanda
  • South Sudan
  • Burundi

Spart Freight has an average of 3 dispatches to any of the listed destinations above on a weekly basis . These are either LCL or FCL, bulk cargo, project cargo, abnormal loads etc


In case you need help

We value communication because its the key to any mobility in cargo supply chain industry, We have listed below are direct contact address details
and further communication links at your disposal to reach us

E-Mail enquiries & Calls

Spartfreight Logistics Ltd
P.O.BOX  94610 - 80115
3rd Flr,Suit 14D, Yusuf Ali Mansion
Moi Avenue, Mombasa Kenya
Tel : +254720588357/+254707718482
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Cargo Packaging and serialized Temper proof security seals

Spartfreight Logistics undertakes professional repackaging of all reasonable sized cargoes and consolidates for shipment

This is one of the myriad value addition measures that we emphasize on at no extra cost to our clients


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