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We provide loose container load freight movements to most foreign ports thereby eliminating the need to deal with several different carriers by providing just a single party responsible for the entire movement. Significant savings are often achieved without sacrificing delivery time.

Our air freight division arranges for the immediate dispatch of urgent shipments to destinations abroad, upon arrival, our agents provide prompt transfer customs clearance and delivery of priority freight.

We appreciate On-site services for relocation of office or home, airfreight packaging in strict accordance with IATA, DGR safety Regulations & Sea freight packaging to comply with most stringent of environmental governing transportation to certain countries.

We offer rail freight services, to cater for the different needs of our customers needs and requirements. We make sure that customer products are transported to their respective destinations within the shortest time possible.

We also offer construction services for resdidential and commercial infrastructures. With our team of highly skilled members, we provide high quality services.

We do construction for resdidential and commercial roads. We also offer supply services for contsruction equipmenmts and raw materials at affordable prices.